Monday, February 1, 2016

Here's Why Trump Won't Bring Up Bill Clinton's Trips to "Lolita Island"

Jefferey Epstein is quite a guy. Quite a rich, privileged, well-connected guy. He also likes very young girls and populated his private island with them, all so he and his friends could visit there and have as much underage sex as they could handle . . . which was a lot.
How well connected is Jefferey Epstein? Flight logs show Bill Clinton traveled at least 10 times on Epstein's private jet and is widely reported to have visited Little St. James, the official name of Epstein's private "Lolita Island" in the US Virgin Islands. That's where, according to attorneys for Epstein's victims, many of the worst crimes against minors were committed by Epstein and his friends who traveled there with him.
Who Jeffrey Epstein? Quite simply, a Palm Beach billionaire, financier and political donor. He is also a convicted sex offender who is the subject of ongoing litigation from at least a dozen of his then-underage victims. One witness who testified against Eptstein "made clear to him (the witness) that he was never to ask any of the girls who came to the estate for proof of their age, so that everyone would have plausible deniability if any problems with law enforcement later emerged."
So if Donald Trump is bringing up Bill Clinton's past sexual history in the White House, as ammunition against Hillary, why won't he mention Bill's relationship with Epstein and his trips to "Lolita Island?"
Perhaps because Trump is also among Epstein's friends and has also been his guest on several occasions. An investigation by Vice News revealed that Trump initially denied knowing Epstein. However, when records showed a long-term friendship between the two, Trump and his attorney's came around and admitted the two knew each other well.
Apparently, there is some truth that even Donald Trump can't deny.

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