Friday, January 4, 2013

123 Child Victims Identified - Will Facebook Help Find Them?

"Whenever our investigations reveal the production and distribution of new child pornography online, we will do everything we can to rescue the victim and prosecute the abuser even if takes us years or around the world to do it. A relentless fight against child exploitation is the only answer."
- John Morton, Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, January 3, 2013

NOTE: Sign the White House Petition now at:

Yesterday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) - running an investigation called "Operation Sunflower" - identified 123 victims of online child pornography.

Today, ICE wants to find these children and those who continue to abuse them. Where is ICE looking for help to investigate these crimes? Us. "Now, the public's help is being sought with any leads that can help provide clues in several cases and rescue more victims."

Will Facebook help? Will they help identify victims exhibited on their website. Will they help us find perpetrators who use Facebook to post illicit images and videos of children?


#1 - Sign the President's White House Petition: - Please don't wait! We need at least 25,000 signatures immediately for the petition to be reviewed by White House staff.

#2 - Tell Facebook that they must BLOCK these images and videos of children from entering their website. We MUST send at least 100,000 "Demand Cards" to Facebook's Menlo Park, California offices. You can send your card from anywhere in the world by going to

#3 - Sign our Petition at

#4 - Invite your friends, family and wider social network to join this important Cause.

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