Friday, July 11, 2014

Notify Your Local Police: Victims of Human Trafficking Identified Online

This is how it works.

A pimp has a phone number through which he works several girls. He is selling them for sex. The phone number he uses is the means by which he makes his livelihood. The phone is everything: his money, his connections, his power. He lists that number day and night on social networking, escort and urban listing websites in a specific geographic region.
In this case, the phone number was listed on in the Connecticut Escort section. More specifically, at a Motel 6 well known for human trafficking on the Silas Deane Highway in Wethersfield, CT. This was documented in the case of the United States vs. Dennis Paris in 2007, through Wethersfield Police verification in 2010, again with his Mr. Paris's brother, Jaykuan Paris in 2012, and through eyewitness accounts as recently as July 6, 2014.
The ad for a girl called "Coco." Her photo, one taken from the, is included in this article and obviously depicts an underage female. The phone number can be searched through a website called, which was established so that men could locate their favorite girl-for-sale via that very special phone number.
In "Coco's" case, a search for her number on reveals the profiles and photos of several women in this particular pimp's stable. You can read reviews of the girl's services on or find all her listings on or
It's that simple. You only need the phone number. In fact, that's all law enforcement needs to rescue potential victims of this human rights violation. At this very moment, "Coco" is being worked (sold) out of the Motel 6 at the corner of the Silas Deane Highway and Town Line Road in Wethersfield, CT in the US. Her listing was posted just a few hours ago.
The men are there now, buying her, paying for her to be their slave.
Will the police be there as well?
Some time ago, I was told by a Wethersfield Detective. "We know there's human trafficking there. We just don't have the manpower right now." It was not the detective's fault. I have known him for years and he loves Wethersfield, protecting people and his job. He was more frustrated with the situation than any of us. This is why I am trying to make people aware. The police must be given the resources and training for this type of crime. The pressure to get them want the need - and want - must come from us. For now, find out the email of the detectives in your town. Then, you can go to the "Escort" section of in you local area, look at each listing, and select the "email this post" option. Then, email it to your police, urging them to investigate if it is a human trafficking situation. If ten people do that consistently in in every town, things will begin to change.
Of course, if the police want to know exactly where these young girls are, they just need to look at That's right, it's a website that lists all the "Happy Ending" massage parlors in the United States by individual town. You can look up each parlor's listing and read reviews of their "services." If you don't understand the coded language used by the customers - who call themselves "hobbyists" - Rubmap even has a handy Glossary of Terms.
According to, the girl in this photo is being worked out of Hartford Oriental Massage at 618 Silas Deane Highway in Wethersfield, CT - directly across the street from Corpus Christi Church. The online "customer" reviews of this establishment are explicit in their description of the sexual services offered there.
"The arrests occurred between February and late June."

A Public Relations Response. Our pressure on the Wethersfield Police Department to do something about the Motel 6 and the Oasis Spa human trafficking ring has motivated them to release information about what they did across the street six months ago. Since then, the problem has migrated to a location less than a mile away from the Police Station. The question remains: What are they doing now?

Read the full  story here.

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